Desjoyaux invented the living pool and is committed to making the pleasure of a home pool affordable to all, by applying craftsman's values on an industrial scale and innovating with exclusive, future-proof technology. From the outset, the Desjoyaux group has consistently brought innovative, and sometimes revolutionary, ideas to the in ground swimming pool market. This strategy has paid off and the company is now the world's number one!
Born in New Westminster, British Columbia, In its 34 Years of existence, the Beachcomber marque has amassed an unmatched wealth of history, experience, heroic deeds and true stories. The company’s effortlessly powerful, hand built hot tubs have a presence and personality all their own, a style that is instantly recognizable whether on a veranda in Italy, or on a small deck in Anchorage.
“with 35 years of industry experience, no matter where you are in the world, we guarantee to provide years of excitement, entertainment, performance and safety. In more than 70 countries worldwide, you can have complete confidence in the quality of Poline product that you purchase. (EWA) “