How can rapid construction be combined with enduring reliability and the freedom to create any shape of pool you like?
The Desjoyaux casing structure concept, known as the Active Permanent Casing, solves this conundrum.
The shape and size of your pool are determined by assembling a series of panels that form the structure's "active permanent casing" … This exclusive process ensures that the pool is strong and long-lasting, while offering great creative freedom in terms of its design; the installation technique maximizes the pool's service life by casting a reinforced concrete bed-slab and by installing the reinforcement and casting the side-walls in a single operation. Your Desjoyaux pool is a rot-proof, self-supporting, monobloc structure.

Our casing panels are manufactured using recycled polypropylene mixed with carbonate. In the final stage of recycling these materials, the panels are then buried to form a durable structure. Turning waste into a source of bathing pleasure is a dream come true with Desjoyaux pools.

Your pool comes with a 10-year warranty covering the product and installation work.